How to set up a cordless microphone

Because cordless microphones depend on the batteries, the first step would be to make sure that you have a new one, or a fully loaded one. Remember that it is important to switch off the transmitter. Now, you have to turn on the receiver in order to use the automatic frequency selection function that is present on most devices. In the followings seconds, it will find a free frequency that will be used for communicating with the microphone. Before turning the transmitter on, you should set the volume of the receiver to minimal values. It is time to turn on the transmitter, press the synchronization button and wait for the signal that everything is all right. Now you can adjust the volume to the desired level and adjust the gain. This is the most important part because here is where you will adjust the quality of the sound. The last step would be to walk around the scene and make sure the signal is perfect all around the area.